The guy resides in the human being World where the guy has a small store and this carries Shinigami points

Kisuke Urahara (?? ??, Urahara Kisuke) is the previous chief of twelfth Division, plus the founder and you will initially Chairman of one’s S.Roentgen.D.We.. Their lieutenant try Hiyori Sarugaki. He could be helped from the their personnel Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and you can Ururu Tsumugiya.


Kisuke was a tall, lean guy having white skin and you will grey vision. His locks are dirty and you can white-blond (almost pale), with strands framing the latest sides of your own face and you may holding anywhere between his sight, in which he has actually chin stubble. The guy wears a dark-green Shihakusho without an undershirt. Over this, the guy wears a black haori, which activities a white diamond pattern along the bottom half, reminiscent of an upside-down captain’s haori. Urahara carries an enthusiast, which he from time to time spends to cover up his face. He always wears conventional Japanese solid wood shoes (geta) and you will an effective striped dark green and light bucket hat (which usually shadows their eyes), [2] which has obtained him the new moniker “sandal-hat” (????, geta-boshi; “Mr. Hat-and-Clogs” on English dub).

Throughout the their before ages during the Soul Society, he had a flush-hairless deal with and you can dressed in the standard Shinigami uniform. In the significantly more casual events, the guy always used their geta. [3] The guy after used a long-sleeved captain’s haori shortly senior friend finder promo kodu after his strategy to the score off master. [4]


Even though constantly an installed-back, optimistic, jovial, modest and you may peculiar guy, Urahara reveals a good deceptively cunning and you can big top if the condition deserves they. The guy aren’t uses sluggish talk and you can outward question so you can disturb their rivals. [5] Despite his worry-free attitude, he usually speaks politely, but is both sarcastic. Yoruichi Shihoin cards he tends to go over the big having whatever the guy becomes passionate about. He has demonstrated themselves because a “mere truthful, good looking, kinky businessman.”

Approximately 110 in years past, Urahara’s identification try some opposite off the goals throughout the introduce. While in the their earlier many years since a head, he was regarded as a nervous, flustered, and you will quiet individual. Slightly being unsure of from themselves, the guy lacked trust within his power to be good chief. Concurrently, he had been sometimes mistaken for how to approach his office. Despite being uncomfortable in the character, he seemed apparently comfortable inside the earlier in the day status within next Division Detention Device. Although not, the guy ultimately hardened his look after to look at his character as the chief from the getting more significant and you can computed.

Urahara usually can be found near the world away from an essential feel, however, the guy hardly intervenes inside the items, preferring to remain with the sidelines. The guy will understands much more information than simply he lets to your, and you can despite are a major pro from the state, the guy acts only as a stimulant, that have other people perform the benefit him. Urahara is normally pushy, deceiving anyone towards the performing exactly what the guy wishes them to.

Kisuke is a practical combatant, believing that playing with any setting called for for the a lifetime-and-dying race is very important in profit and you will endurance, particularly creating an enthusiastic alliance with Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez ahead in order to defeat Calling on Nakk Le Vaar via a sneak assault from trailing. [6]


Urahara was raised in the Shihoin Mansion in the Seireitei with his youth family unit members Yoruichi Shihoin and you may Tessai Tsukabishi. [7] The guy inserted the new Gotei thirteen within same date Yoruichi entered the fresh new Onmitsukido, [3] and in the end turned into the next Seat of one’s 2nd Office, which was intertwined into Onmitsukido. As an element of his commitments among the greatest four Sitting Officials, Urahara turned into head of Onmitsukido’s Detention Device. [8] Up to 110 in years past, the 12th Department captain, Kirio Hikifune, is marketed towards the Regal Shield, [9] and you may Yoruichi necessary Urahara because the woman substitute for. [10]